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  • Kenny G

    Hi Doobie!!
    Wow!! We had the best time!! You made everything so fun for us and we thank you so very much!!! How are you!!! Come to Malibu!!!Again, million thank you's to you for making such wonderful memories that I will have forever with my sons.
    Kenny G

  • Stacy

    Dear Doobster,

    So, it's more than a week since I've returned home, I'm back in the
    news grind at work, and I'm still processing what an amazing adventure
    you led us on. People ask me about my vacation, and I give them a few
    highlights, but the truth is, I'm still processing everything we were
    lucky enough to have an opportunity to do and see.

    If I can remember 20 percent of all the information you rattled off to
    us, I'll feel like I retained something. We are so fortunate to have
    had you as our tour guide. You shared countless stories and a
    fascinating history that I really didn't know much about. I'm still
    not a religious person, but I have a great deal of pride in Israel and
    what has been accomplished …

    So thank you again, Doobs, and if you come to Chicago, I'll be your
    tour guide.


  • Greg

    Hi Doobie,
    First, sorry it took so long to send you this email, I went back to work right away and of course life is busy every day. Can’t tell you how much we miss you. We have been to Israel 5 times and by far you were the best guide we have ever had. You truly impacted our trip and our lives in a very meaningful way. I know our kids were very engaged and felt separation from you after we got home; they woke up wondering where Doobie was. Your encouragement to make them speak in Hebrew meant a lot to Helene and me. It makes all the money we spend on schooling feel very worth it. I have given your name out to our local Federation and will keep telling people to contact you if they are thinking about touring Israel. We hope to return soon, let's stay in touch.

  • Sandra-Lynn

    Thanks so much for the most informative interesting and enjoyable day tours. Not only did you tailor make the itinerary to fit in with our difficult schedule, but your responsiveness and honesty in the planning process carried through to your passion. knowledge and individualism as a guide and friend.We hope to see you in the US soon.

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